Schuyler Hospital Recognizes Employees for 655 Years of Combined Service

MONTOUR FALLS – At their annual Employee Recognition Dinner on May11, 2016, Schuyler Hospital recognized employees for 5 to 45 years of service.

In all, 54 employees were recognized for a total of 655 years of combined experience at the hospital and skilled nursing facility.

The highlight of the evening’s celebration – held at Chateau LaFayette Reneau with Ithaca Bakery catering – was the celebration of one 45-year employees:  Ray Ergott, Maintenance Supervisor.  Ergott not only helped build the current hospital in 1972, he has also seen it through a number of transformations over the years.

In presenting the years of service awards, Hospital President Jim Watson thanked everyone for their dedication to each other, as well as to patients and residents.


Celebrating 45 years:  Ray Ergott

Celebrating 35 years:  Deborah Zimmer

Celebrating 30 years:  Terrie DeWitt, and Bruce Rosier

Celebrating 25 years:  Buna Boor, Julie Byrnside, Michele Cunningham, and Lisa Howell

Celebrating 20 years:  Melissa Allmaier, Connie Barrett, and Wendy Collins

Celebrating 15 years:  Michelle Bouvier, Deborah Corsaro, Rebecca Gould, Amy Harndon, Melissa Norton, Nichole Richardson, and Faye Tuttle

Celebrating 10 years:  Joseph Abbott, Carolyn Antoniw, John Christopher Burns, Izendra A. Farr, Heather Gallagher, Jill Gaylord, Stefanie Gublo, Deborah Holton, Jeanette Jackson, Sarah Kingsley, Kathleen McCauley, Kelly Miller, Jesse Rappleye, Esther Smith, and Sandy Townsand

Celebrating 5 years:  Megan Aycock, William Barnett, Cory Bechtle Dresen, Joanne T. Belloma, Nathan Bellows, Barbara Brink, Amy Castle, Brenda Charbonneau, Keith Crout, Samantha Freeland, Samantha Hall, Susan Johnson, Mark L. Jones, Christine Keough, Therese A. Maynard, Susan M. O’Connell, Michelle Oestreich, Elizabeth Personius, Holly Pierce, Lisa Putman, Anita Stull, and Margaret Wood.

For more information or career opportunities, contact Schuyler Hospital at (607) 535-7121 or email

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