Schuyler Hospital Upgrades to Advanced MRI

Schuyler Hospital is excited to announce the installation of new scanning technology that combines the advancements in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) with the sophisticated engineering of a 1.5T wide-bore system.

This new scanner provides a whole new level of patient comfort with flexible coil designs and novel applications designed to minimize scan times and improve image quality. This is just another example of Schuyler Hospital’s commitment to providing patients with the latest in diagnostic imaging technology.

This new scanner, the SIGNA™ Voyager from GE Healthcare, is built with contemporary architecture that delivers deeper signal penetration and sharper, high-quality images. The intelligent design automates patient protocols to help decrease exam times and accommodate more patients per day. The SIGNA™ Voyager comes equipped with the SIGNA™ Works productivity platform, a robust workflow solution designed to maximize clinical performance and simplify operational efficiency.

To find out more, contact Schuyler Hospital at (607) 535-7121 or email

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