Schuyler Hospital works with the Anesthesiology team from the Department of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine at Cayuga Medical Center – to provide anesthesia care during surgeries performed here at Schuyler Hospital.

These highly trained anesthesiologists have a wide range of anesthetics and pain medications at their fingertips, in addition to state-of-the-art monitoring and anesthetic technology.

With these tools and techniques, they provide general, total intravenous, and regional anesthesia for surgeries and other medical procedures to all age groups.

The Anesthesiology Team at Schuyler Hospital includes:
Dr. Donald Bluh
Dr. Mattison Burt III
Dr. Joseph Bylebyl
Dr. David Fellows
Dr. Christina Klufas
Dr. Stephen Meyer
Dr. Robert Mitchell
Dr. J. Russell Norton
Dr. Anthony Sanito
Dr. Jacob Smith
Dr. Thomas Toal
Dr. Qu Zhang

Before deciding on the most appropriate form of anesthesia or analgesia, our anesthesiologists will review your medical history and briefly examine you. Other factors include the type and length of the procedure, your primary physician or surgeon’s preferences and your own preferences.

Anesthesia involves loss of feeling and may involve loss of consciousness.

Analgesia blocks the pain, but does not involve loss of consciousness

Sedation makes you relaxed and drowsy, but not unconscious. You may or may not fall asleep while sedated. Sedation can be mild, moderate or deep, depending on need. Patients who are deeply sedated do not remember and are not awake.

General Anesthesia: Temporarily makes you unconscious so that you cannot feel any pain. A combination of inhaled and IV agents, it can be used for all operations.

Regional Anesthesia: Blocks pain signals from the part of the body where the procedure is being performed. Can only be used for certain regions-the lower body or an arm, for instance.

For more information, contact Schuyler Hospital at (607) 535-8639, ext. 2228 or

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