Cayuga Medical Center and Mayo Medical Laboratories entered a collaboration in 2008, establishing the renowned Minnesota-based academic center as our official reference laboratory. Mayo Medical Laboratories, located on the Mayo Clinic campus, serve clients from fifty-six countries each year. They are recognized as a world leader in esoteric tests for clinics and hospitals, and have the highest standards in quality and service. Through this collaboration, Cayuga Medical Center provides timely, accurate, cancer-specific testing and diagnosis for even the most unusual types of cancer.

While there are many commercial reference laboratories in the country that provide sophisticated testing, Mayo Medical Laboratories have a distinctly different mission: supporting community-based medicine. They assist Cayuga Medical Center Laboratories in adopting new technologies and expanding our capabilities, and enabling us to provide a level of diagnostic expertise that is equal to or better than other medical centers in the region. To find out more about Mayo Medical Laboratories, click here.

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