Endurance FAQ

What are the benefits of physiologic testing in the lab?

The information obtained by testing can be used to help assess fitness and target training zones. The data can help ensure that your training has been adaptative and not resulted in overtraining syndrome. We can help provide you with training zones and suggest possible training regimens or the data can be shared with your personal coach to help design a program for you.

Will my insurance cover any of the testing?

If you are referred to our center for medical reasons, there is a high probability that some or your entire visit will be covered. We encourage all of our patients to check with the insurance company prior to testing. If the testing is solely for performance purposes, we will not submit the visit to your insurance.

What kind of written or electronic information will I receive after the testing is complete?

You will be provided with a written summary of your test results as well as an electronic version. You should consider bringing a jump drive where we can transfer the electronic data to.

What should I wear for testing?

You will exercise at a high intensity level in a controlled temperature environment so please wear comfortable clothes for biking or running, depending on your test.

Do I need to be fasting?

Yes. The ideal test is following an overnight fast.

Can I have my morning cup of coffee prior to testing?

Caffeine is a known ergogenic aide. Most centers prefer abstinence from caffeine the day of the test. However, if you are caffeinated when you race, it is probably reasonable to have your morning cup prior to testing.

Will I need to cancel the rest of my day after the testing due to fatigue?

You will most likely expend under 200kcal during the entire test but a small percentage will be very high intensity. It is safer to not have too much scheduled after your test but if you exercise regularly at a high intensity, you will most likely be OK.

Do I need to limit my work outs any time before the test?

We advise being rested for the test. Please use your best judgment based on your current fitness level how to modify your work outs leading up to test day so you can perform your best.

Can I shower at your facility after the testing?

Absolutely. We have a collaborative relationship with Island Health and Fitness, and we would be more than happy for you to use the facility post testing.

Should I take my medication prior to testing?

Please continue to take any prescription medication prior to testing. After you fill out your intake form on-line, our doctors will review it and will reach out to you if they want you to stop your medication prior to testing.

What monitoring will be in place for my testing?

We follow the American College of Sports Medicine’s recommended supervision guidelines. For individuals considered low risk, we follow with heart rate monitor. For those individuals considered moderate or high risk, we will monitor the electrical activity of your heart during testing. We have a physician at all tests and an AED on site.

How often should I repeat testing?

It depends on your personal goals. If you are training for a big event (such as an ironman), we recommend testing several times in a year. It can help gauge the progression of your fitness and also (probably more importantly) ensure that you are not overtraining with maladaptation.

How do I pay for testing?

You can pay with check, credit card, or cash at the time of testing. However, the preferred method is to pay on-line prior to your visit.

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