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Advanced Care and Genuine Caring for Women of All Ages

At Schuyler Hospital, we understand that the needs of every woman are unique. The complexity of a woman’s mind, body, and soul requires a special type of healthcare that can change and adapt with each stage of a woman’s life. That is why Schuyler Hospital is so dedicated to providing a wide range of top-quality women’s health services that are designed to meet the challenges of a woman’s ever-changing lifestyle in a friendly, warm, compassionate, and convenient healthcare setting.

Our experienced staff of physicians, nurses, therapists, and technicians are specialists in women’s health issues. They are dedicated to working with one another to provide personalized and expert care to every woman that seeks their help.

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A bone density scan measures the density of bone in a person and determines the risk of fractures and osteoporosis. Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) measures bone density by detecting the extent to which bones absorb photons that are generated by very low-level X-rays.

Recommended for post-menopausal women every 2 years – or earlier / more frequently depending on risk factors

Radiology Department:
(607) 535-8613 or info@schuylerhospital.org

Heart disease is the leading cause of death among women; killing six times more women than breast cancer. Schuyler Hospital has teamed up with the Cayuga Heart Institute – to provide quality cardiac care right here, close to home. From testing and diagnosis, through treatment and rehabilitation, these experts in cardiac care put their hearts into healing yours.

Cayuga Heart Institute
(607) 210-1968
Call to make an appointment at our consulting office – now seeing patients at the Schuyler Hospital’s Specialty Clinic.

High blood cholesterol levels raise your chances of getting heart disease. Women over age 20 should have their cholesterol measured at least once every five years.

Medical Lab:
(607) 535-8607 or info@schuylerhospital.org

Diabetes is a serious and growing problem in our area. It is the 5th leading cause of death among women, and one third of all women with diabetes don’t even know they have it. Women with diabetes face special concerns, such as an increased risk of vaginal infections and complications during pregnancy. Diabetes and its complications are treatable, however, and the staff of Schuyler Hospital is ready to help show you how you can control your diabetes and live a happy, healthy life.

Medical Lab:
(607) 535-8607 or info@schuylerhospital.org

Our experienced women’s health practitioners balance high-tech, state-of-the-art gynecological services with a personal touch. Some of the wide variety of services that they offer include: Infertility Management, Menopause and Perimenopause Management, Pap Tests, Urinary Incontinence Treatment, and more.


Cayuga Women’s Health
(607) 210-1968

Montour Falls Primary Care Center:
(607) 535-7154 or info@schuylerhospital.org

Every woman has a chance of getting breast cancer. As scary as that is, it is important to remember that if you find breast cancer early, it can often be treated successfully. To that end, Schuyler Hospital offers regular hours Monday-Friday, early morning hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, plus Saturday morning hours, for you to schedule your annual screening mammogram.

Radiology Department:
(607) 535-8613 or info@schuylerhospital.org

Schuyler Hospital’s staff of licensed rehabilitation professionals go the extra mile to provide women with the excellent care they deserve. Some of the services offered to women include osteoporosis treatment and lymphedema treatment..

Rehabilitation Services Department:
(607) 535-8616 or info@schuylerhospital.org

The medical specialists at Cayuga ENT are Otolaryngologists, trained to diagnose and treat medical and surgical disorders of the ear, nose and throat. Our mission is to provide the highest quality otolaryngic care available. Cayuga ENT-Head & Neck Surgery has on staff, a NYS licensed Audiologist for diagnostic hearing evalutions.

We specialize in common diseases that afflict young and old. We are trained to offer both medical and surgical management of these disorders.  We also treat and perform surgery for head and neck.

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Cayuga ENT at Schuyler Hospital:
(607) 210-1968 or info@schuylerhospital.org

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