Statement on George Floyd

“Like most Americans, my family and I have watched the horrific events in our nation over the past two weeks that are incredibly unsettling and disturbing. As a nation, already drained from months of fighting COVID-19, we have now witnessed the tragic murder of George Floyd.

We stand with the vast majority of people throughout our country and the world in condemning the egregious police brutality in Minneapolis, and we sincerely hope that it can serve as a catalyst for substantive change and reform in our nation, state, and community.

Every member of the Cayuga Health team has been touched by this tragedy – more than 2,200 employees, along with our family, friends, and neighbors. As one of the largest employers in our community, Cayuga Health is committed to fostering a diverse culture of inclusion.

As healers, we cannot watch the murder of George Floyd and the violence that has erupted during otherwise peaceful protests without deep sadness and anger. However, having seen the impacts of systemic racial and social injustices for decades, these recent events sharpen our resolve to steadfastly demand justice, truth, change, and dignity for all.

The Cayuga Health System is committed to mirroring the change we seek in society. We raise our voice with so many other organizations and individuals throughout the nation to demand dramatic action and reform from a divisive past to a transformational future.”

Martin Stallone
CEO of Cayuga Health

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